Cooking lighter: Keeping the Love


Joan - pic - Italy

My name is Joan  and this blog, The Infinite Kitchen, is a reflection of my evolution from cooking calorie laden foods to cooking lighter Italian, Southern and American favorites, with a shout out to fodmap and IBs friendly ingredients.  I want more chocolate, more pasta, more butter, but annoyingly, doctors are against it and not every tummy can take it. So on The Infinite Kitchen, I blog about my journey toward better versions of old favorites. It is my blog mission for us to eat more chocolate, have more pasta, or make more cake, yet lose the calories or hurtful ingredients. Someone has to do it, so why not a woman with 50 years of cooking experience and the muffin top to prove it.

Can I swear that  my revamped old recipes always lose the bad but keep the deliciousness? Sadly, no, I don’t always manage to do that. Sometimes I have to sneak in some butter, saute with more olive oil than I care to admit, or add more sugar to sweeten things up. However, it’s never as much as before, folks, so that is progress toward cooking lighter. Meantime, I still get to lick the spoon, steal the chocolate chips, and break off the brownie end piece, while virtuously making my recipe repertoire lighter, healthier, and fodmap aware. Onward, infinite kitchen evolution toward cooking lighter, with fodmappers and IBS folk not forgotten.

 By the way, Jeannette’s Kitchen (our family cookbook), created by my daughter Leslie and edited by me, is now an ebook and a print book available on Amazon. Many of the blog recipes are also in the cook book. Just click on the picture and link on the upper right side of this blog. Not a bad deal – $9.99 – for fifty years of Italian cooking.



  1. susan bartsch

    Looking for a bread recipe I misplaced I came upon Spaghetti Caruso and remembered all the great extended family meals I grew up with. Trying to find out who else knew about it I realized that it was you. How terrific having all those delicious foods we grew up on and then fed to our own children. Thanks!!!!

    • Susan, is that the Su Su of yesteryear, our favorite “cousin” when you visited us at the farm? I can’t believe it. I often think of you and your sister and often of your mother’s gorgeous and delectable cakes. I would love to have her marble cake recipe which everyone raved over when we were growing up.

  2. Hi Joan,
    I am loving your blog! It’s inspiring, informative and encouraging. Is there any chance we will be finding an eggplant parmigiana recipe here soon? I especially need help with that dish ….AND lots of pictures.
    Keep cook’in!

    • Thanks Molly. I would love to make that a future blog recipe. Too bad I didn’t take pictures when I made it for Aunt Lynn a few weeks ago. 🙂

  3. Bernadette Grassia

    Joan love your blog , it’s entertaining and awesome, so proud of your accomplishment in the food world, your friend, Bernadette, Shelton, CT

  4. Lynn DiMenna

    BRAVA, Joan, for setting this blog up and giving so many lucky people access to our family’s tastiest and most cherished recipes!

  5. Stephanie

    Love the new look – very fresh and ready for spring. Go mom!

  6. Dan Crowe

    Great pictures and recipes! This brings back memories and is making me hungry!!!

  7. Dick Bell

    Wonderful site! I have added it to my favorties. I am looking forward to some yummy recipes. Great job, dear Joan!

    • Thank you Dick. Don’t think I haven’t been constantly tooling around on your site because your farming, your pickles, your canning, etc. is fabulous. I love love love the life you and VG have. It’s irresistable.


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