The Infinite Kitchen has recipes for vinaigrette dressings as well as home made cucumber basil dressing similar to ranch dressing.

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Lemon Basil Potato Salad

This is a German potato salad with an Italian vibe. Olive oil, fresh basil, dill, fresh lemons, lemon zest and other spices are combined in a lovely emulsion that I pour over the cooked cubed potatoes, then toss to coat every single cube. After chilling the potato salad in the fridge, I let it come to room temperature before serving it.

Fried Zucchini Salad
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Fried Zucchini Salad

When my grandmother made her fried zucchini salad, we were usually spending the summer at our Brookfield, CT vacation house that we all called “the farm” because it had 72 rolling acres, orchards, a cornfield and a huge vegetable garden. As the zucchini came in, she and my mother made […]

southern cole slaw
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Quick Southern Cole Slaw

One of my favorite salads from my years in both GA and VA┬áis southern cole slaw. It has the creamiest dressing, the lovliest vinegary, slightly sweet taste, and a crunchy goodness that goes with so many summertime dishes.   This quick southern cole slaw recipe was not easy to come […]

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Springtime Shrimp Salad

May is usually a month of gorgeous weather and an abundance of celebrations (weddings, graduations, birthdays). This year I am flying from CT to California for a grandson’s high school graduation and I am hoping that this shrimp salad will be part of my daughter-in-law’s graduation lunch menu because I […]