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My name is Joan  and this food blog is called The Infinite Kitchen because it is  a reflection about family cooking, and how it has evolved over the years not only in our own family, but probably in kitchens all over America.

Ever since that great wave of immigrants washed ashore at Ellis Island, bringing with them the secrets of Europe’s glorious cuisine, America converted to love of all foods European and especially Italian. When Julia Child brought French cooking to TV, die hard Italian food lovers  pointed to history’s Catherine Medici at the French court teaching the French about fine cuisine. Such friendly debates are moot today when every cuisine could be lost in the great stampede toward frozen dinners, boxed dinners, and other processed foods that beckon with their promise of delicious, homemade taste and simple preparation.

This web site says think carefully about such foods and run from such foods.  I teach college English 101, and my students must read an excerpt from Fast Food Nation, an eye-opening book about the way we, as a nation, now process our food because of the high demands on our agriculture from fast food companies such as McDonald’s.

At first, my students do not want to hear anything bad about fast food, which they love to the uttermost depth of their being, but after reading Fast Food Nation and excerpts from similar books, they are finally convinced that organic, healthy and unprocessed is the new way to eat.

Shrimp Sauce for Risotto 069 That is why I have this blog – to convince my family, my friends and visitors to this blog, to take a look at unprocessed home cooking because it is simple, healthy, and delicious.




joan wedding partyBecause I married a southern boy (you can’t imagine what it was like to be an Italian girl from Mt. Vernon, NY in the Atlanta of the ‘60s where their idea of exotic food was making boxed Chef Boyardee pizza on Friday nights), my cooking changed to include a different cuisine from the one I grew up with. From there I went to Joy of Cooking, then Julia Child (Who didn’t in the 60’s and 70’s?), to The Silver Palate, James Beard on Bread, a myriad number of Junior League and church cookbooks (filled with wonderful innovative and quick home cooking recipes), then Martha Stewart, the Moosewood (for vegetarian guests), Lidia, Paula, and on and on. Hence, the infinite kitchen. I can’t stop trying, changing and moving forward with whatever is new and fun in today’s kitchen. Well OK I won’t be trying foam or chemical experiments. I will leave those to edgy chefs in NY restaurants that I can’t afford to visit.

The FarmInstead, I will cook what I grew up with, what I tried over the years and what fits the lifestyle called for today, which is food that is simple, inexpensive, delicious, recognizable ( no foam or chemical experiments here) and unprocessed.


(Picture above is of our summer place in Connecticut, “the farm,”) where we had cows, chickens, and a big garden all summer long.

Pizza RusticaMy pictures are taken on my iPhone. The way the end result looks in the photo is how it should look on your table. I am a home cook, not a photographer! So that’s the blog. Join me with your own home recipes, tips, shortcuts and cooking stories. I look forward to the new friends I will make through this blog.



By the way, Jeannette’s Kitchen (our family cookbook), created by my daughter Leslie and edited by me, is now an ebook and a print book available on Amazon. Many of the blog recipes are also in the cook book. Just click on the picture and link on the upper right side of this blog.


  • Looking for a bread recipe I misplaced I came upon Spaghetti Caruso and remembered all the great extended family meals I grew up with. Trying to find out who else knew about it I realized that it was you. How terrific having all those delicious foods we grew up on and then fed to our own children. Thanks!!!!

    • Susan, is that the Su Su of yesteryear, our favorite “cousin” when you visited us at the farm? I can’t believe it. I often think of you and your sister and often of your mother’s gorgeous and delectable cakes. I would love to have her marble cake recipe which everyone raved over when we were growing up.

  • Hi Joan,
    I am loving your blog! It’s inspiring, informative and encouraging. Is there any chance we will be finding an eggplant parmigiana recipe here soon? I especially need help with that dish ….AND lots of pictures.
    Keep cook’in!

    • Thanks Molly. I would love to make that a future blog recipe. Too bad I didn’t take pictures when I made it for Aunt Lynn a few weeks ago. 🙂

  • Joan love your blog , it’s entertaining and awesome, so proud of your accomplishment in the food world, your friend, Bernadette, Shelton, CT

  • BRAVA, Joan, for setting this blog up and giving so many lucky people access to our family’s tastiest and most cherished recipes!

  • Love the new look – very fresh and ready for spring. Go mom!

  • Great pictures and recipes! This brings back memories and is making me hungry!!!

  • Wonderful site! I have added it to my favorties. I am looking forward to some yummy recipes. Great job, dear Joan!

    • Thank you Dick. Don’t think I haven’t been constantly tooling around on your site because your farming, your pickles, your canning, etc. is fabulous. I love love love the life you and VG have. It’s irresistable.

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Find my family cookbook, Jeannette’s Kitchen, on Amazon

Find my family cookbook, Jeannette’s Kitchen, on Amazon

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